Sallies Table

Hunger is the biggest issue facing low income families, seniors and the homeless in our community. Without proper meals and nutrition, individuals are unable to maintain their health. Visiting a doctor is usually impossible as this segment of the population considers healthcare to be a luxury. For those struggling to feed their family, maintain housing, or pay their utility bills, the Salvation Army offers Sallies Table.



Sallies Table is an ongoing Salvation Army program that offers a free meal every Saturday and Sunday throughout the calendar year. While there are other feeding programs offered during the week and a brunch offered on Saturday, Sallies Table fills a gap and ensures people can receive a meal on Saturday and Sunday evening.

Approximately 300 to 400 meals are served each weekend. Diners include everyone from babies to seniors, including African Americans, Caucasians, Native Americans, Hispanics, and Africans. Besides getting a warm meal, people enjoy the social aspects of the program, including seeing and visiting with friends and being treated with dignity.

Serving takes place each Saturday and Sunday evening at from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm at the Salvation Army (800 N Cliff, SF). To help with serving the meal, volunteers can arrive by 4:45 pm. Volunteers can also help clean up after the meal. 


Join us and help serve on a Saturday or Sunday evening. From 4 to 6 people are needed to volunteer for each meal time. Volunteers may also help by staying after the meal.  We see a variety of people come in for the meal...homeless, families, seniors, and even children.

Simply email Marcie to let her know you'd like to help out at Marcie_Priestley@USC.salvationa  

Remember, you can volunteer anytime throughout the year!






The Salvation Army has changed lives and given hope to countless people throughout the nation. But it never does it alone. Among its basic resources are volunteers like you. The ways they can help are innumerable, astonishingly diverse. Possibilities range from behind the scenes clerical duties to teaching English as a second language, from sorting items at a thrift store or food pantry to supervising children's athletic programs. During the Christmas season, an especially busy time for The Salvation Army, opportunities only multiply. Volunteerism is also crucial during times of natural disaster, when The Salvation Army is on the front lines of relief and recovery.

Volunteers truly are integral to The Salvation Army's effectiveness. They broaden its range of effectiveness by bringing new points of view and fresh approaches. Their feedback leads to enhanced programs and even beginning new services. They are natural liaisons with the broader community, as well.

It is with profound appreciation that The Salvation Army supports its volunteers by offering a good working environment and scope for their interests and abilities. They are treated with respect and provided opportunities for personal growth. Many are honored through banquets and awards. Many others obtain references in a job search. Those seeking to develop job skill credentials are furnished with job descriptions, time cards and evaluations for potential employers.

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