The Salvation Army began it's work in 1865 and was founded by William and Catherine Booth.

Salvation Army 

This work began in the East End of London, England where poverty was rampant and it was cheaper to buy a penny gin than to purchase milk.  William and Catherine were compelled to help those in need.  By 1880 The Salvaton Army had crossed the ocean and began it's work in the United States.  Nine short years later the first Salvationist came to Sioux Falls, SD.

Two women officers commenced parading the streets and holding open-air meetings.  According to records of The Salvation Army Headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska, these courageous women were Captain Corlin and Lieutenant Cassidy.

Apparently, The Salvation Army, did not merely sneak into Sioux Falls, but the advance of the Blood and Fire was heard and seen in a mighty way.  The History of Minnehaha County, South Dakota, written by Bailey gives a colorful description of the determination of the Army in Sioux Falls: 

Some of the people were not aware that The Salvation Army was an institution that had come to stay, and that its legal standing had been deteremined by the courts, and that consequently on the 20th day of November two male members of the army were arrested for parading the streets, and taken to the calaboose.  As soon as the officers arrested the parties, several prominent citizens joined the procession, thinking the two men were to be confined overnight.  John Donahue was then chief of police and had been ordered to arrest the parties, but when he got them to the city prison he released them upon their own recognizance to appear before Judge Hawkins the next day.  At nine o'clock in the morning of that day the persons arrested were promptly on hand in the police court, and Judge Hawkins as promptly dismissed them saying; 'There is no law prohibiting the accused from parading the streets and praying there if they wished to.'  But this did not end the matter.  Several citizens where deteremined to "carry the war to Africa", and Nils Ronlund swore out a warrant before Justice Stickney againist the chief of police for assault and battery upon the person of Joseph Campbell, oneof the persons who hand been arrested.  Upon the case being called, the rooms of the justice were inadequate to hold the people who were anxious to hear the trial, and the circuit court room was impaneled, and the trail lasted two days, resulting in a disagreement of the jury.  A few days later the case was dismissed, but a good many people in Sioux Falls had learned the fact that The Salvation Army had a host of friends, and that little corps located in Sioux Falls would be fully protected from any further interference.

The members in the Sioux Falls Salvation Army number about twenty at the present time (in 1895) and they conduct their services without molestation, the authorities having learned that The Salvation Army is an institution which the people will sustain, and mischievious boys have also learned that it is not expedient to disturb the meetings.