Red Shield Profiles

These are profiles of "Red Shield" recipients.  Because of our partners who help us meet the need, we are able to continue doing the most good in Sioux Falls.  Something we've been doing for 126 years.  Thank you.

James, Anna and their 9 month old son, Justin, came into The Salvation Army requesting assistance with housing.  They had moved to Sioux Falls from a southern state a few months back.  Justin and Anna were given jobs with a local motel in exchange for room and board.  Justin decided to join the Army Reserve which requires him to be out of town once a month and sometimes for additional training.  The motel rescinded their offer and the family was left with out a roof over their head.   They went to the local shelters, but they were all full.  Using our community contacts The Salvation Army was able to get them into the Family Section of a local shelter, another agency gave them a clothing voucher and we supplied them with food.  Working with the Social Worker at the Shelter we were able to secure them an apartment and found an agency to supply them with a voucher for furniture. 

Jessica and her two sons were victims of domestic violence.  They went through a horrendous divorce and are now in the middle of a custody battle.  When Jessica fled her residence she shared with her abuser, she neglected to get her electrical service out of her name.  After living in her new apartment for a few months she received a disconnection notice and wondered why she was billed twice in a month for electricity.  It turns out she was still paying for the service at her old residence.  Our caseworker was able to work with Jessica and Xcel Energy to resolve the problem and take her name off of the old account.

Twila has five children.  Her husband was killed last year in a motorcycle accident.  She is currently umemployed because she can't keep a consistant work schedule due to inadequate daycare.  Her electricity was in danger of disconnection and MCHS was unable to help her.  The Salvation Army provided the assistance through a grant with Xcel Energy to avoid a disconnection.  We were also able to assist her in finding adequate and affordable daycare.  She started a new job at Capital One. 

*Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality.


Man was reunited with his children after they were abandoned by their mother

Family received assistance after a house fire

Man was accepted into a substance abuse rehabilation center and needed a bus ticket

Several families received assistance to return to a reservation after a medical emergency brought them to Sioux Falls

Numerous under employed assisted with food pantry items and utility reconnections

A homeless family obtained permanent housing

When you become a "Red Shield Sponsor" you have the ability to improve the lives of others.